Once a page is completed and all items have green ticks, a conclusion box appears at the bottom of the page:

  • The default conclusion is a suggestion only – it may be edited, deleted or replaced simply by adding or removing text: AA1.png
  • Like a comment box, paragraphs breaks may be added using shift+enter – selecting enter only is equivalent to using the conclude page button
  • Once concluded, the date of conclusion and identity of the user concluding the page is added: AA1.png
  • On the index page, a concluded page is indicated by a green lineAA1.png
  • A dropdown box appears at the end of the conclusion allowing for extra items to be added: AA1.png
  • Once concluded a page is locked, so to edit a page for some reason it must first be unconcluded – the first option in the dropdown
  • The page may also be marked as reviewed – also accomplished by clicking the red tick – only a user with partner or manager status has this option (see also review notes)
  • In addition, comments, follow up items and review notes may be added without unconcluding the page - used where the user or reviewer wishes to add something that does not require the page to be unconcluded but just to add a note such as training instructions
  • When a page is unconcluded then reconcluded these details are recorded to provide a history of the page – explaining to a reviewer perhaps that a planning section was concluded earlier then revisited at a later date: AA1.png
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