Client contacts

Early in a job it is a good practice to set up client contacts – the people to receive audit documentation, who will be required to complete checklists shared with them and so on:

  • In the sidebar there is a button marked contacts - select add client contact box to create additional contacts, entering role in organisation, and all relevant contact details: AA1.png
  • To edit select the pencil icon at the top right of each client contact box
  • Within the workbook there are a number of places where the details of these contacts will be requested – select the name from the dropdown - for example: AA1.png
  • Client details may also be entered directly at these points – this will also update the contacts list: AA1.png

When the key contact person is entered into this section of the control page their details will appear in the sidebar – as a quick reference for phoning or emailing these contacts during the job: 



TIP: New contacts may also be added at many points, but they may only be edited from the sidebar client contacts tool

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