Compliance Engagement Template Updates Released

Further to a recent post regarding updates to the Real Estate Trust Account template, we have now released updates to all the Compliance suite of templates to bring them up to comprehensive compliance with SAE 3100 (Revised) and ISAE (NZ) 3000 (Revised). 

The templates affected are as follows:


This process has involved going through all the requirements of SAE 3100 (Revised) and ISAE (NZ) 3000 (Revised), ensuring they are covered (and adding/updating where needed) and adding full referencing to the standards. We have updated and included full referencing to the new standards, plus added (in the base version) our statistical sampling tools in the evidential testing areas.

There is no need to swap templates as the changes will flow through automatically on unconcluded pages. 

We will be monitoring these and please do contact us if there is anything you notice that doesn't look right or doesn't work right.

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