Updates to Independence Page

A user pointed out that some firms have a policy of carrying out an annual independence declaration for all staff, as well as new staff as they are hired and we had no option to show that. So we have updated our Independence page (normally A2) so that the last step, 5.1, now has 2 options:



The first option confirms that this firm wide review has been done. The second option takes the user back to the current question: 


This allows all team members to click the "yes" or "no" box as appropriate. 

For jobs that already have these boxes completed by staff members selecting the second option will show these previously selected responses. 

On jobs where the Independence page has already been signed off there will be no change, but if you wish to swap to the new option in these cases just unconcluded and you will see the new step 5.1.

For situations where neither of the choices are appropriate you can of course still just add a comment instead of either multi-choice. 

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