Cookie Policy

Essential Cookies

Audit Assistant has some essential cookies we need for security reasons and an optimum user experience. See here for details on our privacy policy.

Session Cookie

We use a cookie to keep track of each session on Audit Assistant. It is created when you log in and we only use it to keep track of whether or not you are logged in. Without these cookies we would have to be constantly asking you to verify who you are before every action.

Browser/Device detection 

We will add and check this cookie when you log to see if you have used Audit Assistant on the browser before. This allows us to send you the emails letting you know someone has logged in from a different device. This is a good way to keep track of your account and stop any unwanted access.

Security Options

Some of our security options can also add extra cookies. You can read about the security options here.


If your account has the “timeout” option checked in the security options, then we will need the session cookie to keep track your session and implement the timeout when appropriate. 


If you have the Google reCAPTCHA security option enabled, Google will be able to store cookies in your browser. They will also read all previously stored Google cookies, however, they do not read cookies stored by other websites.